Thursday, August 09, 2012

Plastic Bag again

Recycle project again. You can recycle your plastic bag. I know many of you have been known that we can make a plastic yarn with used plastic bag. Easy to make. Try it and you'll love it. 

Note : You can subtitute any of your bag pattern with plastic yarn.
This handy bag is about 25 cm width. It needs about 60 plastic bags. 

The important thinngs :
1. Use flexible plastic bag ( easy to tight )
2. Do not too tighten when you joining 2 strips of it
3. Use big hook (8,00 mm)
4. Loose stiches

A. Cut plastic bag with 2,50 - 3,00 cm width. 

B. Joining 2 strips like you make a basic knot

C. Tighten 

D. Plastic yarn ready to use

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