Saturday, April 28, 2007


You can see my finished design at DINAMIC CROCHET

This pattern has copyright by thata.pang'07. Just for personal use only

Material : Cotton thread no. 20
Hook size : 4/0
Size : 7" (7 inches)

Instruction :
Make ch5, joint with sl st to make a ring

R1 : ch1, 8sc in the ring. Joint with sl st

R2 : ch2, 2dc tog at the same st, ch3, 3dc tog at next st, around. Last stich make ch1, hdc at ch2 (for joining this row)

R3 : ch5, make 2 dc at ch3 from your hook, *tr in next st (at 3 dc tog in R2), 2dc at the middle of tr, tr at next st (ch3 loop)* repeat grom * to* around. Joint with sl st at first ch 5.

Row 4 : Ch3, 2dc tog at next 2 st * ch5, 3 dc tog*. Repeat from *to* around. At the last ch5 make ch2, dc at first ch3 (to start a new st in next row in the middle)

Row 5 : ch1, sc at same loop, ch7, sc in next loop (at ch5 in R4). Repeat like this around. In the last ch7 make ch3, dc at first sc ( to start a new stich in the middle )

Sugest : Do in the different colour for R6 and 7 ( to make 2 motif)

Note R6 and 7 is in one row but do it with 2 ways.

Row 6 : Start at any loop you like, (ch3,6dc) at first loop, *ch5, dc at the top of 3 dc tog at R4, ch5, sk one loop, 7dc* Repeat from *to*around. Joint with sl st. Fasten off.

Row 7 : Start at one of the loop that we skip at R6. (ch3, 6dc) at first loop, *ch5, sc at top of 3 dc tog at R4 ( behind 7dc at row 6), ch5 , sk 7dc which we make at R6, 7dc at next loop*. Repeat from *to*around. Joint with sl st. Fasten off.

R8 : Finishing line. Do at any 7 dc at R7. Start from dc at 3 st, dc at next st, ch3, dc at same st, dc at next st,*ch3, sk to next 7 dc, sk 2 st, dc at next 2 st, ch3, dc at same st, dc at next st*. Repeat from *to*around. Joint with sl st. Fasten off.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Material :
Soft worsted yarn. Colours : yellow, light yellow and blending green leaf.
Hook no. 6/0
Size 20 cm
Abbreviation : USA Version

Instruction :
Make ch 5, joint with sl st to make a ring.

R1 ch3, 4dc joint in the ch3 (make popcorn st), ch3, ( 5dc joint together ( make popcorn st), ch3)repeat 2 times again. Last stich make ch2, sc at the first popcorn.

R2-3 ch1, sc at same loop, ch3, *(sc, ch3,sc) at one loop, ch3* repeat from * to* around. At the last stich make ch1, hdc at first ch1.

R4 ch1, sc at same loop, ch4, *(sc, ch4, sc) at one loop, ch4* repeat from* to * around. At last stich make ch2, hdc at first ch1.

R5 ch1, sc at the same loop, ch5,*(sc, ch5, sc) at one loop, ch5* repeat from * to * around. At last stich make ch2, dc at first ch 1.

R6 ch1, sc at same loop, ch6, *(sc, ch6,sc) at one loop, ch6* repeat from * to * around. Fasten off.

Start from R2 (base)
R1 (with light yellow yarn)-à make dc 10 at one loop (at ch3) See widget no.1
R2 (with yellow yarn)à make the same like R1
R3 (with light yellow yarn) à make dc 12 at one loop at (ch 4) see widget no.2
R4 (with yellow yarn) à make the same like R3

Start form R6 (base)

R1 (with blending yarn) Make (popcorn stich, ch3, popcorn stich,ch3, popcorn stich), ch3 at every loop.(see pic no.1)
R2 make (popcorn stich, ch2, popcorn stich) ch2 at each ch3 (see pic no.2)R3 sc at each st around. Fasten off.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Material : Cotton thread
Hook no 4/0

Copyright By thata'07

For personal use only

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Copyright by Thata ( For personal use only )

Material :

Cotton thread no.10 (purple and white)

Hook no. 3/0

Size : 8 cm x 11 cm (without tail)

Cross ( Purple colour ):
Middle cross :
R 1 Ch4, start first sc at second ch from the hook, sc at each st ( 3 sc). Turn
R2-18 ch1, sc at each sts. Turn.
Fasten off if you finish R18

Side cross ( make the same other side )
Beginning from R 11.
R1-5 ch1, sc at same st, sc,sc (3sc). Turn.
Fasten off… Make the other side

Finishing ( White colour ):
R1 (sc, ch3, sk one st , sc) repeat around. Last loop make ch1, dc, joint at first sc (26 loops)
Note :
At the corner don’t make loop. First 5 loop at R1-10, sc,sc(corner) then make 2 loops in side cross, 1 loop at wide cross (3sc).

R2 ch3,dc at same loop, (ch1, dc in next loop, ch1) repeat around but the outside corner of cross (vertical 4 corner, horizontal 4 corner) make shell st (2dc,ch2,2dc). At the first loop make 2dc, ch 2. Joint to first ch3. Fasten off.

Ribbing (Purple colour) :
Make sc around at each st… (start from the middle). Joint wit sl st.
Tail : make 24 ch… make a ring at last ch 4 from hook. Fasten off

Cut off 5 pieces thread about 10 cm. Insert to the ring at the end of the tail. And make a bundle with it.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


See a picture of finished project at Dinamic crochet

Material :
Cotton thread in pink, magenta, blulight and ecru colour
Hook no.3/0
Size : Circle 11 x 11 cm
Square 10 x 10 cm