Monday, July 30, 2007

Etnic Loop Scarf

Please see the picture at :Dinamic Crochet
Copyright by thata pang 07
Note : This pattern for personal use only

Material :
1 ball Cotton thread no.30
Hook no. 6/0

Length : depend on you

Instruction :
Base : ch 23

R1 sc at ch2 from the hook, sc at each st across (22 sc). Turn
R2 ch1,sc at the same st, lp st at each st (20 times), sc. Turn
R3 ch3, joint 4 loop together, make 4 sc at that loop (5 times), dc. Turn
R4-7 same with R2-R3
R8 same with R1
R9 same with R2
R10 ch4, sc at each lp (20 times), tr. Turn
R11 same with R1
R12 same with R2
R13 same with R3
R14 same with R1
R 15 same with R2
R 16 same with R10

Repeat R1-16 till the length what you want.

Finishing :
Make sc around.
Ribbing :
Make ch5, insert the beaded, ch5, joint to the scarf with sc.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Baby flower sock

Copy right by thata pang 07
For personal use only
Material :
Cotton thread no. 20
Hook size 5/0

Size : 11 cm

Instruction :

Make 1 pair ( 2 times )

Ch 28, joint with sl st to make a ring

R1 ch3, *sk next st,(dc,ch1,dc)in next st, sk next st,dc* repet from * to * around. Joint with sl st at first ch3.

R2 – 4 ch3, *(dc,ch1,dc) at ch1 st, dc at dc*, repeat from * to * around. Joint with sl st at first ch3. Leave it for a while

Motif :
Ch 7, joint with sl st to make a ring
R1 ch3,3dc, joint with sl st to first ch3 (to make a popcorn st), *ch2, (4 dc joint with sl st to make a popcorn)* repeat from * to * 7 times. Joint with sl st.

R2, sl st to ch2, (ch3,dc,ch3,2dc) at ch2 lp, ch1, dc at next ch2 lp, ch1, (2dc, ch3,2dc) at next ch2 lp), ch1, dc at next ch2 loop, ch1, 2dc at next ch2 lp, ch1, joint with sc between (dc,ch1,dc) at any place with sc, ch1, 2 dc at same ch2 lp, sc between (dc,ch1,dc), dc, sc between (dc,ch1,dc), 2dc, ch1, joint with sc between (dc,ch1,dc), ch1, 2 dc at same lp, ch1, dc at next ch2 lp, ch1. Joint with sl st at first ch3. Fasten off.

Make the bottom of the sock :
R1-2 make dc at each st around. Joint with sl st. ( 47 dc )
R3 ch2, 19 dc, 2dc tog, dc, 2 dc tog, 19dc, 2dc tog, joint wit sl st at first ch2.
R4, ch2, dc, 17dc, 2dc tog, dc, 2 dc tog, 17 dc, 2 dc tog, joint with sl st at first ch2.

Joint right side and left side together. Make soem st or sl st to finish it. Fasten off

Ribbing :
sc at st around or you can make another motif like picot or shell st.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Loop Stich

I know we must use "hair pin" to make this loop stich. But if you not have it, you can make it with "your hand" as a hair pin. For me it's faster to use my hand ( index finger to roll a yarn/make a loop)

This is my wip project ( scarf ) that I make with my finger as a hair pin.... Hope it could inspire you...:)

Here is the instruction :

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tunisian HP Case

See the picture at Dinamic Crochet

Material : Mohair wool
Tunisian Hook size 9 mm
Croc hook 7 mm

Size : 9 x 13.5 cm

Intruction :
Ch 16 for foundation

R1- 3 16 tss
R4 first way : 5 tss, 3tks leave the hook (insert 3 tks to the cable hook), 3 tks, 5 tss.
Second way : 5 tss, leave the cable hook, insert 3 tks to Tunisian hook, make 6 tks, 5 tss.
R(5-7, 9-11, 13-15, 17-19,21-23,25-27,29-31) 6 tks, 5 tss
R (8,12,16,20,24,28,32) make like R5
R33-35 16 tss

Finishing :
Joint together. (See the diagram)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Cable Stich in Tunisian crochet

I really like tunisian crochet and cable stich too. I have used this stich at knitting and crocheting. So I try to make it in tunisian. I have seen some instruction for make this stich. I try to make as simple as posible, so this is the instruction. Easy to make... try it and you'll love it