Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Recycle again : Strawberry Short Cakes

You only need a simple magic to to this. Just say " Gampang" ( Easy) and you'll see how creative you're. 

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Note :
Please do not use this photos or pattern for commercial use or posted in your web. Please share our link for it.  Thank you so much.

Material :
used talc compact powder ( diameter 8,50 cm, height 3,50 cm. I used Marcks )
Yarn over in pink, white and chocolate colour
Crochet hook 2,30 mm
6 strawberry buttons
Used plastic cover for inside
Tapestry needle
Clear glue

You can work with your imagination. Cover top and bottom with yarn. Work around with dc stich until 8,5 cm. 

Then you work bldc around to make a body. Work around till 1,5 cm height for top and 2 cm for bottom. 

I used plastic stiker to cover the inside bottom. Cut circle and place it. Looks great.  Isn't it.

You can add buttons or anything you have in your stash to make this cakes looks yummy. I have strawberry buttons so I make a strawberry short cakes. How about you?? Chocolate, Vanilla or rainbow cakes ?? Wait for you version of yummy cakes ;D.


TexasTwin said...

Cute ideas! I don't have any powder containers, but I'll find something similar because this is just too cute not to try it! Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Uhm, this is so cute... and make my bedak box used again.. Hm, I think I want to make rycycle pattern too ^^9