Friday, September 07, 2012

Play with leftover yarn

Every crocheter or knitter have leftover yarn. And many of us keep them. Yarn is like a treasure for us. I try to make something cute and easy  with our left over yarn. 4 scoops of icecream or a cutie key chain. Try it and you'll love it.

Material :
1. Scissor to cut the newspater
2. Used newspaper, Cut them and pressed up to be a small ball
3. Left over yarn
4. Tapestry needle
5. Colourful pin
6. Key chain

Instruction :
1. Take one small ball of newspaper. Wrapped with yarn around until you cant see the paper.

2. Insert the yarn in tapestry needle. Inside tapestry needle through the yarn ball you had made. Pull it firmly. Take your keychain. Place it at the top. Wrapped it again with your tapestry needle.  Last inside again your needle through the yarn ball, pull it firmly. Cut the yarn.

3. Add colourful pin to your small ball.

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Unknown said...

Love this!

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