Sunday, May 04, 2008

Smock in the Shell dishcloth

This pattern is for personal use only do not sell it

Material :
Viscose cotton blue (A) and pink (B)
Dpn 3.5mm
Size : 20 x 20 cm
Gauge : not necessary

Instruction :
Colour A :
CO 31 sts
R1-4 : Knit
Colour B :
R5-6 : Knit
Colour A :
R7 : K3, (yo, k2tog,k)8x, yo, k2tog, k2
R8 : Purl
R9 : knit
R10 : purl
R11-14 : Repeat R7-10
R15-18 : Repeat again R7-10
Colour B :
R19 : k3, ( sl, k2) repeat till last 3 sts, k3
R20 : knit
Colour A :
R21-22 : Repeat R19-20
Colour B :
R23-24 : Repeat again R19-20
R25 : knit
R26 : purl
Repeat again from R7-R15
R16 : Knit
Colour B :
R17-18 : Knit
Colour A
R19-22 : Knit. Fasten off if you don’t want to rib this dishcloth with shell st.
Don’t fasten off if you want edging it.

Edging :
Shell st : 2dc, ch2, 2dc at the same st.
Colour B :
Start at the corner where the last stich from R22
Make sc at the same place, sk ,(shell st , sk, sc) 5 times at each side, around. Joint with sl st at the first sc. Fasten off
Colour A :
Start from anywhere at ch2 sp. Make st at ch2 sp, (shell st at sc, sc at ch2sp) around. Joint with sl st at first sc. Fasten off.

Make a smock stich at each Row:
Insert colour B in tapestry needle. Start from behind at first eyelet. Pull out the needle from second eyelet, insert to first eyelet, pull out the needle from third eyelet, insert the needle to second eyelet, repeat till the last eyelet.
Attention :
Do not too tight when you make this smock stich.

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