Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Recycle Plastic mineral water

See the finished project at : Dinamic Crochet

Material :
ICT (cotton thread)
Hook no. 5/0
1 plastic bottle of mineral water (used)

Instruction :
Base :

Cut the top and bottom of the bottle ( we only need the body of it ).
Left the body 12-13 cm.
Give a mark at 1 cm around (top and bottom)
Make a ring with paper tools ring

Ribbing :
You make twice for top and bottom

R1. ch1, *inside the hook to the ring, yo, pull it out, make sc stich, ch2*, repeat from * to * around, last st make ch1, joint with sl st at first ch1.
R2 : ch1, sc at the same place, *ch3, sc at next sp*, repeat from * to * around, at last st make ch1, hdc at first ch1 to joint.
R3-9 : same with R2.
R10 : Ch3, dc at the same place, (2dc,ch1,2dc) at each lp around, last make 2dc at the first lp, sc at first ch3 to joint.
R11 : Ch3, dc at the same palce, (2dc,ch1,2dc) at each ch1 sp around, last make 2 dc at the first lp, ch1, joint with sl st to first ch3. Fasten off.

Tail :
Make ch as long as you needed. Slip in and out at Row 9. Joint the last ch to the first ch. Fasten off.

Easy..isn't it :)


Nélia Botelho said...

A very nice idea!I liked your blog very mutch and the squares are beautiful.

Thata said...

Thank you so much for your nice words Nelia.