Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Simple Etnic Earing

See finished project at : Dinamic Crochet

Note : This pattern is for personal use only

Copyright by thatapang'08

Material :
Left over of Cotton thread
1 pair of base metal earing
2 pieces coconut shell button ( you can change with another type )
4 pieces wood beaded
tapestry needle

Instruction :
R1 : Make ch1, (sc throught the loop, ch2) 6 times, joint with sl st at first ch1.

R2 : Ch1, 3 sc at each of ch2 loop around, joint with sl st at first ch1. Fasten off with leave the thread about 15 cm.

Finishing :
Insert the thread into the needle, take 2 pieces wood beaded, insert to needle and pull out until it place at edge of covered button, insert the needle to loop of the ring, insert again the needle in 2 pieces of beaded. Pull it out. Fasten off the thread in the back side of the ring. Slip the tail in R2. Cut off the thread.

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