Friday, April 19, 2013

ROSES always amazing

I dont know whose the first person made this pattern. Too many patterns look like similar . I took one of the link that I thought it's clear enough ( with basic tutorial inside ). Click here for basic rose.

After you made it you can play with it. Cause you'll different style of roses if you work with "right side", wrong side or you mix with right side first than wrong side. Which one do you like?? It depends on your project .

Here is the pic that I did it. You see.. how beautiful they're. Play with right side and wrong side is amazing for this pattern.

Try it and you'll love it. I hope my sharing could inspire you alot :)

Happy crocheting all 

NOTE : Click at the picture for larger view


Unknown said...

hi, lovely work thanks for sharing, im trying the link for the rose pattern but its seems its brocken , is it possible to email me the toturial please


Han said...

I love these roses too! I´ve done a lot of them and still I´m feeling that it´s not enough :)♥