Monday, January 28, 2013

My Diary

Recycle project again. You can make over a simple notebook and you'll have a beautiful diary. It's only a simple step too. 

Material :
1 notebook
Wrapping paper 
Colourful pictures and motifs from used magazines or leaflet/brochure
Double tapes
Colourful tapes
Ribbon / buttons or aplique from your stash

Instruction :
1. Cut your wrapping paper depend on how big is your notebook ( add 2 cm for fold wrapping paper inside )

 2. Put double tape on it. Wrapped front and back cover with it

3. Cut colourful pictures and motifs , ribbons, buttons, etc. Now, you need a little creativity to design your front cover. Put doubble tape on it and stick them on the front cover.

4. Put colourful tapes in the left side of your notebook. 

Now you can have a new diary :). 

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