Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Make a pin with paper clip

This idea sprang out when I make a small knitting project and need a small pin for hold my thread. I want something lightly. All of my pin are big and they're too heavy for my project.

So again and again paper clip has a way out for me :D

Look at my picture instruction from step 1 till 5 and see the finish pin. Easy to make, simple.. and usefull too.

Hope it could help you too.. Happy knitting !


Kawano said...

That is so cute. Great job on it, and thank you for showing how to make them.

knitten said...

Thanks so much for the useful tip. I love stuff like this. Can't wait to show it to my knitting group.

Thata said...

Dear Julie and knitten ,

Thank you so much for your nice words. Glad to hear if it'll helpful for both of you

Susan said...

Just saw your link from crochetville. Dug aroun d on my desk to find a paperclip and ta-da!! New stitch holder. Thanks SO much. I really didn't like the ones I've been using.