Friday, October 10, 2008

Make a Crown Loom with plastic bottle

Material :
Plastic bottle (hard enough) . I used juice bottle
Sciccor which can cut plastic
Sharp Cutter

Instruction :
1. Cut the bottle in the body ( silinder ) for about 7-8 cm
2. Divide the bottle with same part. First you must know the diameter of your bottle. Then you can divide them. I divide each part of 1.25 cm.
3. Give a marker at 2-2.5m from top ( silinder )
4. Make a marker from top to point 3 ( straight line )
5. Cut one part, loop one part, cut again one part. Do it around.
6. Cut again the corner at top, make an elips ( it will make your yarn will smooth to push away)

Picture instruction :

Tutorial instruction : Fenny Site

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