Friday, September 12, 2008

Make an I-cord with cone

All of us have a cone. I have used as a base for pine tree before, and now i try to use it as a spool.
You can make an i-cord with it. If you have a medium cone you can make 6 sts i-cord, but if you have a small one you can make 4 sts i-cord.
Material :
6 nails
Instruction :
Give a mark to 6 place in the top of your cone.
Take a nail and hammering it at each mark that you have made before.
After this you make a co first ( chain ). Put it in your first nail. Than roll the yarn through all nails twice. Pull out the first roll through the second one. Repeat it around till the length depend on what you need.
Hope it can be useful for you :)


Vivin Yo said...

wah... ide recycle nya keren, mb ^_^

Thata said...

Thank you Vin.. semoga jadi tambah cepet kalo bikin I-cord.

Mei Che said...

kalau saya duluuuuuu ... bikinnya pake gelondongan plastik bekas benang jahit dan tusuk gigi 4 bh, ... ga modal banget