Thursday, September 04, 2008

Left Over Jar

What do you think?? Like candy yarn. Isn't it ??
I have some unused jar from candy,chocolate and cherry.
I always have a problem when I need some combination colour for my project. I must open my container or plastic bag one by one to see the colours. It's waste of time :)
The idea sprang out when I saw these things in my kitchen.. I think it'll be great if I place my left over thread ( for combination colour ) in these jar. I can look clearly the colours in it and choose one. I havent manage these things. Maybe better if I put one tone colour of my left over in one jar. It'll be easier.
Hope it'll be useful for you too...


Unknown said...

That's a great idea. I am always looking for ways to store those smaller pieces.

JW said...

I went "Awww..." when I saw your jars. They are very very cute and an excellent idea for your leftover yarn.

Thata said...

Dear Teresa,

Thank you so much. Glad to hear it could inspire you

Thata said...

Dear Jenny,

Hi..hi... thank you so much. Yummy.. arent they??

another jennifer said...

mmmmmm yarn