Thursday, June 07, 2007


This pattern for personal use only
Copyright by thata.pang 2007

Finish project could see at DINAMIC CROCHET

Material :
5 pieces plastic bag in size L
1 piece plastic bag in size M (red)
1 piece plastic bagi in size S (white)
Hook 8.00 mm
1 pair rattan handle

Bag size : 20 x 15 cm

Intruction :

First step : Cut the plastic bag with 2.50 cm wide and connecting together

Bag :
R 1 :ch 16, make first sc at second st, sc at every st around ( at the each side added 1 sc). Joint with sl st at first ch1. Total 32 sc.
R2-9 : ch1, sc at same st, st at each st around. Joint with sl st at first ch1. (total 32 sc)
R 10 (change with red colour) : do the same like row 9
R 11 -12 : do the same like row 10
R 13 : ch1, sc at 2 st,ch1 (take the handle and put it on the middle of each side), 10 sc around the handle, ch1, 6 sc, ch1, 10 sc around the handle ( other side ), 3 sc. Joint with sl st at first ch 1. Fasten off

Flower : You can do by your creation

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