Monday, May 28, 2007


Sometimes read a pattern need more time to count again and again cause the text pattern is too long. This is my idea to make you easier and focus to read a pattern. If you want to move to another row just roll it down. So read a pattern more easier and correct..
Material :
Used Map or big envelope ( or light carton )


phreec said...

thata, what a great idea!
i have one of those metal boards for use with magnets, which i love, because it keeps the patterns upright, but it gets irritating having to move the magnet line-by-line...this would be so much more helpful! now i will have to figure out how to combine this with the magnet to use on my board, lol!
thanks, thata!!
~christi (from CP) :)

Thata said...

Hi Christi. Thank you for stopping. It's good idea to combine it.