Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Material :
Soft worsted yarn. Colours : yellow, light yellow and blending green leaf.
Hook no. 6/0
Size 20 cm
Abbreviation : USA Version

Instruction :
Make ch 5, joint with sl st to make a ring.

R1 ch3, 4dc joint in the ch3 (make popcorn st), ch3, ( 5dc joint together ( make popcorn st), ch3)repeat 2 times again. Last stich make ch2, sc at the first popcorn.

R2-3 ch1, sc at same loop, ch3, *(sc, ch3,sc) at one loop, ch3* repeat from * to* around. At the last stich make ch1, hdc at first ch1.

R4 ch1, sc at same loop, ch4, *(sc, ch4, sc) at one loop, ch4* repeat from* to * around. At last stich make ch2, hdc at first ch1.

R5 ch1, sc at the same loop, ch5,*(sc, ch5, sc) at one loop, ch5* repeat from * to * around. At last stich make ch2, dc at first ch 1.

R6 ch1, sc at same loop, ch6, *(sc, ch6,sc) at one loop, ch6* repeat from * to * around. Fasten off.

Start from R2 (base)
R1 (with light yellow yarn)-à make dc 10 at one loop (at ch3) See widget no.1
R2 (with yellow yarn)à make the same like R1
R3 (with light yellow yarn) à make dc 12 at one loop at (ch 4) see widget no.2
R4 (with yellow yarn) à make the same like R3

Start form R6 (base)

R1 (with blending yarn) Make (popcorn stich, ch3, popcorn stich,ch3, popcorn stich), ch3 at every loop.(see pic no.1)
R2 make (popcorn stich, ch2, popcorn stich) ch2 at each ch3 (see pic no.2)R3 sc at each st around. Fasten off.


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