Sunday, April 08, 2007


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Material :

Cotton thread no.10 (purple and white)

Hook no. 3/0

Size : 8 cm x 11 cm (without tail)

Cross ( Purple colour ):
Middle cross :
R 1 Ch4, start first sc at second ch from the hook, sc at each st ( 3 sc). Turn
R2-18 ch1, sc at each sts. Turn.
Fasten off if you finish R18

Side cross ( make the same other side )
Beginning from R 11.
R1-5 ch1, sc at same st, sc,sc (3sc). Turn.
Fasten off… Make the other side

Finishing ( White colour ):
R1 (sc, ch3, sk one st , sc) repeat around. Last loop make ch1, dc, joint at first sc (26 loops)
Note :
At the corner don’t make loop. First 5 loop at R1-10, sc,sc(corner) then make 2 loops in side cross, 1 loop at wide cross (3sc).

R2 ch3,dc at same loop, (ch1, dc in next loop, ch1) repeat around but the outside corner of cross (vertical 4 corner, horizontal 4 corner) make shell st (2dc,ch2,2dc). At the first loop make 2dc, ch 2. Joint to first ch3. Fasten off.

Ribbing (Purple colour) :
Make sc around at each st… (start from the middle). Joint wit sl st.
Tail : make 24 ch… make a ring at last ch 4 from hook. Fasten off

Cut off 5 pieces thread about 10 cm. Insert to the ring at the end of the tail. And make a bundle with it.

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