Friday, September 23, 2016

Work with your left over yarn

I have many left over yarns from my knitting or crocheting project. Some times it's only a little. I choose to make an icord from it, if I put it maybe I will forget. Cause too many yarns in my craft room. I do this icord everytime I finished my project and there is still a little yarn over. Finally it looks like a jumbo ball of yarn. 

You can choose to make an icord with knitting or crocheting. Here is the link for  Icord with Crocheting

You can make rug, hot pad, placemat, etc. 

In this picture I made some hot pads for my kitchen and I used 9,00 mm single pointed needle. Work with garter stich.
Pattern : 
CO 12 sts
R1-30 : knit 12. Turn

Happy knitting all.  

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