Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Flower in my Star

Material : 
Baby/Sport yarn colour White and Red ( A and B)
Crochet hook 2,50 mm ( no.5/0 )

 Special stich :
Puff st = (yo, insert your hook to the loop, yo, pull your hook through the loop loosely) 3 times, yo, pull your hook through  6 loosely loop in your hook, yo pull again through 2 loop at your hook. Now you have one puff st.

Picot = ch3, sl st at first ch.

Instruction :
Start with flexible chain
Colour A :
R1 : Ch3, (puff st, ch3) 5 times, join with sl st at first puff. FO

R2 : Start from the top of petal. Ch1, sc at the same place, *(2sc,ch2,2sc) at next ch3lp, sc at the top of next petal *, repeat from * to * 4 times, (2sc, ch2,2sc) at last ch3lp, join with sl st at first ch1.

R3 :* Sk 2 sts (3dc, ch1, picot, ch1, 3dc) at ch2sp, sk 2sts, sl st at next st* repeat from * to * 5 times. FO.

Finishing :
Insert a small golden ribbon in one of picot , cut it off until the lenght what you want to make. Dont forget to binding it.

Pattern Chart :

Happy Holiday all !


Earlene said...

This is a lovely pattern. Thanks for the chart. I am going to make one tonight, maybe two.

Stormie said...

This pattern would make some cute earrings. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs, Stormie

Thata said...

Dear Earlene,

You're welcome. Wait for your Star :)

Thata said...

Dear Stormie,

Great idea.. I will do it with thread..thanks.

Sherri said...

So pretty & would look great as Christmas tree decorations or on gifts!
~ Sherri

Thata said...

Dear Sherri,

Thank you so much. Glad could share again.. ;)

anothersdream said...

What a lovely are so talented and such a sweet lady. Your friend... Susan

Thata said...

Dear Susan,

Thank you so much. Glad could share with you and hear you love it.

jersey_di said...

Very cute, Thanks so much for sharing!

joanieponytail said...

Thank you for sharing this very lovely pattern.

Dicky Gunawan said...

I'm inspired by your book "Kreasi Rajutan Untuk Bayi, now I'm able to made various crochet product and sell it. Thank you for your book.

cole47 said...


I like this pattern and want to make some as ornaments. however, I'm a little unclear on round 1:

Instruction :
Start with flexible chain
Colour A :
R1 : Ch3, (puff st, ch3) 5 times, join with sl st at first puff. FO

What is a flexible chain? I understand ch3 then do a puff stitch. So once I have 8 loops on my hook, I pull through 6 then you and pull through last 2? Is that correct? Just some clarification here would be appreciated!


Thata said...

I mean flexible chains as a magic loop.

After you make a magic loop you can start to make some puff stich in it.

Then after finish it you can pull the yarn to fix the loop

cole47 said...

Thank you! That helped. They turned out really cute. Great pattern!