Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pine cone christmas tree

You can see the picture at Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Material :
1 ball of Candy yarn (2 ply yarn) at Material Collection
Hook no. 4/0
Ex yarn cone
Glue to fix it

Instruction :
I make a 10 cm christmas tree. You can make it anysize you like.
For 10 cm christmas tree i need :
42 leaf with 6 dc
46 leaf with 8 dc

To make how many ch do you need.. you can calculate it like this :
Total 88 leaf x 2 ch + 1 ch = 177 ch.

After you make 177 ch,you can start a leaf one by one.
Bottom to middle
Each leaf :
ch11, start first dc at 3ch from the hook, 7dc (total 8 dc), sk 1ch, sl st at next ch.

Middle to top :
Each leaf :
ch9, start first dc at 3ch from the hook,5dc (total 6 dc),sk 1ch, sl st at next ch.

Finishing :
Put a glue from the bottom, roll up the leaf tail that you have made before until cover up the yarn cone.

Note :
Added a round carton at the top of the yarn cone to cover the loop.

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