Thursday, November 09, 2006


You could do afghan, table cloth, doily, or vest motif with this pattern.

Note :

First row : ch4, join with sl st to make a ring

Every first row : ch 3 as dc

You could added Small flower motif (or not) (Motif B):

R1 : ch4, joint with sl st to make a ring.

R2 : Ch3, 2dc tog, *ch3, 3 dc tog in next stich* (5x) join

R3 : Ch 3, sc in loop, ch3, sc at 3 dc tog, ch 3, sc in loop repeat until the ring complete

R4 : Ch 5, sc in loop, repeat until the first st.

R5: Ch3 joint with Star popcorn (Motif A), sc, ch 3 sc in next loop (Motif B).

Edging : You could create by your idea

Hope you'll like it !!!

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Beauty Kiosk Murah said...

Nice ! I like the color very much :)